Angeline Elizabeth Kirby Memorial Health Center
Toxicological Laboratory

Under the U.S. Labeling of Hazardous Art Materials Act (LHAMA) of 1990, all art materials sold in the United States must be evaluated by a qualified toxicologist and labeled, if necessary, for chronic toxicity according to the Chronic Hazard Labeling Standard, ASTM D4236. Product formulations are first reviewed by a toxicologist who determines what analyses need to be performed. Once the results are obtained, the toxicologist evaluates the results for toxicity.


Kirby Health Center Laboratory works closely with Duke University Medical Center Occupational Health Service in Durham, North Carolina and their principle toxicologist, Woodhall Stopford, MD, MSPH. Dr. Stopford is also the consulting toxicologist for The Art & Creative Materials Institute (ACMI) which is a non-profit association that sponsors a certification and labeling program for children’s art materials to ensure that the products are non-toxic.

The Kirby Health Center Toxicology Laboratory performs a wide variety of analyses for labeling and certification purposes.